University of Texas Southwestern: School of the Week


Congratulations to University of Texas Southwestern on being selected as the PT Pintcast PT School of the week! If you would like to nominate your program, fill out the form here.

Big thanks to current student Chase Duell ([email protected]) for nominating University of Texas Southwestern!

Name of Program
University of Texas Southwestern
Why is your program the best?
Our program is the best because of our 100% board pass rate the last three years while also having the lowest tuition and fees in the state proving we don’t need flashy equipment to provide the best care for our patients
What’s a strong point of your program? What’s something that makes it stand out from other programs?
We have the best interdisciplinary program I’ve ever heard of. With access to one of the best hospital systems in the state we get to work alongside some of the best clinicians in all disciplines. We develop this team-based approach immediately by taking classes with physician assistants, prosthetics and orthotics, clinical nutritionists, etc. from the first day on campus.
What’s cool about your program?
All of our professors still practice PT in clinics around campus while still lecturing and participating in research projects. We have the busiest and most dedicated faculty in the state.
What are the (approximate) stats, class sizes, # of faculty?
There are about 40 students per graduating class with 15 faculty members and 4-5 residents
What’s the area around school like? Social scene? Recreation?
Dallas is one of the most lively cities in the country, with several different bar scenes and parks surrounding and within the area. I’ve lived here my entire life and am still finding new things to do all the time. There’s a scene for just about anybody from country western bars, uptown, and about a million different coffee shops within a short drive.
What’s the school’s mascot?
If you had a PT student who was on the fence about coming to your program, whats one thing you would point out to let them know why coming there would be a good choice?
A doctorate from UT Southwestern carries an enormous amount of weight and respect. Those who have come before us have set an extremely high bar and with that comes a great deal of opportunities after we graduate.
Best local beer:
Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde or Four Corners Local Buzz
Freestyle: Tell us anything else the PT world should know about your program.
Not many PT programs have as many post-DPT opportunities as UTSW does. We now have 4 different residency programs in neuro, sports, ortho, and now this year cardiopulmonary.
Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where you’re from, year in school, what setting you want to practice in and anything else you want to add…
I’m a first year PT student from Dallas and my dream since about my senior year of high school was to be a physical therapist and hopefully get into this very school. I came in thinking sports was the only area for me, but my time here has opened my mind to all the different fields this profession has to offer.
And, what made YOU specifically want to go there?
Growing up a Dallas kid interested in medicine there was really one place that stood head and shoulders above the rest and that was UT Southwestern.

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