PT School of the Week: Thomas Jefferson University


Congratulations to Thomas Jefferson University on being selected as the PT Pintcast School of the week. If you would like to nominate your program, fill out the form here.

Big thanks to DPT student Rachel Wallitt ([email protected]) for nominating Thomas Jefferson University !

Why is your program the best?
The students form a family-like bond. We are all rooting for one another and want to help each other as much as possible.
What’s a strong point of your program? What’s something that makes it stand out from other programs?
We have amazing connections to the hospital systems in Philadelphia (Jefferson, UPenn, and Magee to name a few).
What’s cool about your program?
The coolest part about our program is that the entire university is only healthcare professionals. Therefore, we have the opportunity to teach them about PT and learn how to collaborate with other health professions.
What are the (approximate) stats, class sizes, # of faculty?
Around 60 students per class. About 14 full time faculty members.
What’s the area around school like? Social scene? Recreation?
We are in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. There is ALWAYS something happening in the city. In addition the school has events and recreational sports options happening every week.
What’s the school’s mascot?
I believe it is Thomas Jefferson’s head.
If you had a PT student who was on the fence about coming to your program, whats one thing you would point out to let them know why coming there would be a good choice?
Attending a school in Philadelphia affords you so many more opportunities. Additionally, choosing a school like Jefferson that only focuses on health is beneficial to the state of mind of the students surrounding you.
Best local beer:
Yards brewery is super close to campus!
Freestyle: Tell us anything else the PT world should know about your program.
My classmates are what makes the late nights studying worth it.
Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where you’re from, year in school, what setting you want to practice in and anything else you want to add…
I am a second year DPT student from Lawrenceville, NJ. I have no clue what setting I want to work in, I like them all. Currently it is a 4-way tie between sports, acute care, neuro rehab, and pediatrics!
And, what made YOU specifically want to go there?
I had a really tough decision between Thomas Jefferson and a top rated program. I chose Jefferson because I felt a connection to the program and felt that I could grow more as an individual in the city of Philadelphia.

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