Ep 173 Aureus Medical Group and Travel PT

Episode Chaser In this episode, Jimmy and Rachel Jermann interview Joleen Rupe-Hueftle and Chelsea Klinginsmith from Aureus Medical Group, sponsor of the PT Pintcast live from CSM 2017 in San Antonio, TX. These Aureus Medical representatives share the opportunities provided by travel PT and this leading medical staffing agency will help you find your next […]


Episode 115 Chaser: April Fajardo on Travel PT, Body Language and Twerking

Episode 115 Chaser Live from Miami continues with April Fajardo, PT, DPT in this half pint. We caught her maybe twerking on the dance floor just before the interview; she clarifies what she actually was doing and gives us the low down on the Academy of Neuro PT, travel PT, and how to communicate when […]