March 22, 2017: Spinal Tap News

Ep 179 Spinal Tap News Chaser – March 22, 2017 – PT News, Pint-Sized

DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE HERE TOP STORY: American Health Care Act revealed; Vote could happen as early as Thursday Fortune: These 3 Powerful Groups Are Slamming the GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Plan CNN: Americans divided over GOP health care bill, Kaiser poll finds NPR: Medical, Hospital Groups Oppose GOP Health Care Plan BBC: House Republicans unveil Obamacare replacement plan PBS Newshour: Beyond […]


Ep 124 Chaser: Sharon Dunn Co-Hosts the Annual Pintcast Student Q&A

Episode 124 Chaser In this episode, guest host and APTA President Sharon Dunn polls the students at National Student Conclave in Miami, FL. Student from around the country share their thoughts regarding the PT curriculum, the current state of the PT field, and, of course, dish some dirt along the way. What are students doing […]