Ep. 75: Johnny Owens talks Blood Flow Restriction Training over a Hoegaarden

In this episode Jimmy talks with Johnny Owens a leading voice in the use of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training.  Jimmy has a Fat Tire Citradelic Tangerine IPA while Johnny has a Hoegaarden out of one of his wife’s prized glasses. They talk the science behind BFR, where it can be applied and what the […]


Ep. 74 Chaser – The Beer & a Bourbon with The Barbell Physio Zach Long

  Episode 74 Chaser In this episode, Jimmy talks with Zach Long, PT, DPT about strength and conditioning hybrid PT’s, Blood Flow Restriction Training in Clinic how to create a social media presence AND the dirty “C” word, Chiropractors.  Zach is drinking a few fingers of 4 Roses Bourbon and Jimmy cracks a Shock Top […]