PT Pintcast PT School of the Week: Stony Brook University

Stony Brook Takes on CSM

Congratulations to Stony Brook University on being selected as the PT Pintcast PT School of the week! If you would like to nominate your program, fill out the form here.

 Big thanks to current student Cara LoBianco ([email protected]) for nominating Stony Brook University!

Why is your program the best?
Stony Brook has the best physical therapy program because the number of opportunities we as students are provided are endless. The university has connection with not only clinics and hospitals across New York but also a variety of organization to volunteer with. Stony Brook has connections with the Long Island Veteran’s Home, a biomechanics lab used for multiple research studies, programs for children’s wellness like Just for Kicks, Fit Kids for Life and many others. The possibilities are endless here at SBU and are encouraged to take advantage of all the opportunities the program has to offer.
What’s a strong point of your program? What’s something that makes it stand out from other programs?
I would say our program ensures that each of its student are confident in not only orthopedics, neuroscience, inpatient care, cardiopulmonary care, etc., but also the ability to perform strong differential diagnoses and identify red flags if necessary. By the time each student gets to their clinical their instructors are usually very impressed by our clinical decision making skills and our ability to pick up on information that some seasoned therapist may not catch.
What’s cool about your program?
Something that is interesting about our program is that the students are divided among two campuses. There are 50 students at Stony Brook’s main campus and 35 students at the Southampton campus. What’s great about this set up is that each campus becomes a close knit family where everyone is friends with everyone and feel comfortable putting themselves out there. At the same time we have a larger network of a total of 85 students who we can reach out to for questions, connections and so much more. This creates a really positive environment as a Stony Brook University physical therapy student.
What are the (approximate) stats, class sizes, # of faculty?
Each class at Stony Brook has a total of about 85 students which is divided into 50 at the main campus and 35 at the Southampton campus. This is even throughout first, second and third year classes. The faculty sits at about 21 professors not including teacher’s assistance who either choose to teach at one campus or cross over to both campuses.
What’s the area around school like? Social scene? Recreation?
At the Stony Brook, students are on the grounds of the University Hospital which is a large level 1 trauma center on Long Island. There is a lot of people around all the time and strong connections can be made with other students throughout the university. The surrounding area is a nice area of Long Island close to Port Jeff which is a small boating community with shops, restaurants and bars. On the Southampton (Paradise) campus students enjoy the peaceful sounds of the ocean waves settled nicely in the Hamptons of Long Island. We are just a few miles away from the beach and we do not miss a second of the beautiful summer rays. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars out east as well.
What’s the school’s mascot?
If you had a PT student who was on the fence about coming to your program, whats one thing you would point out to let them know why coming there would be a good choice?
One of the things I tell perspective students is that our program turns into such a huge, supportive and caring family. I tell students that if someone from the opposite campus were to call me in the middle of night stranded on the expressway I would be the first person to come pick them up. And I think this is something anyone in my class would say without hesitation. There is always someone available to help you out and no one needs to go through physical therapy school alone.
Best local beer:
I don’t drink beer so I will have to phone a friend.
Freestyle: Tell us anything else the PT world should know about your program.
Stony Brook University not only has the best students in the country (I apologize for being a bit bias) but they also have the best faculty in the country. Our faculty is so well rounded that there is always someone interested in what you’re interested in and can help you get involved or learn as much as you need. Stony Brook carefully selects their faculty to ensure their students get the most well rounded education to become mindful clinicians.
Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where you’re from, year in school, what setting you want to practice in and anything else you want to add…
I am a second year physical therapy student who is from a small down in southeast Connecticut. I have a strong passion for working with the United States military and have been working hard to gain a strong background in both neurology and orthopedic physical therapy. Stony Brook has really helped me shape my mind to function as confident clinician. I am looking forward to graduating in June of 2018 and start representing Stony Brook University.
And, what made YOU specifically want to go there?
I fell in love with Stony Brook as soon as I walked out of my interview on January 23rd, 2015. The first and second year students all participate in the interview process to share with you the experiences they’ve had as students of the program. Not a single person I spoke to had a bad thing to say and every one of them told me we would all be family. This is exactly what Stony Brook has become to me and if given the chance I would choose Stony Brook over and over again.

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