Live Online TV Roulette and Its Place in International Espionage

먹튀Live Online TV Roulette and Its Place in International Espionage

In the same way the BBC World Service was used by the British Government in the second world war to send encoded orders to its troops in the form of personal messages (e.g. “Aunt Bessie would like to tell Private Egg she lost her favourite bloomers” would instantly send a thousand men scurrying over a hill near Egypt), because of its very nature, live online TV Roulette could be used in the same way (“That’s a green zero. And Mister Blond WILL be pleased with that” could really mean “There’s a world-ending rocket buried in the volcano near you, get some ninjas”). Our unrelated in any way to the afore-mentioned James Bond could then assemble an army of ninjas and defeat the evil plans of whatever Doctor has decided to again ignore the Hippocratic Oath.

Of course, 먹튀검증 this would depend on Agent Blond being in a house or hotel where they’ve got the show on. This is where the beauty of this scheme comes in…because live online TV roulette is, well, online, he only needs to be in any internet café, or coffee house (probably not the ones in Amsterdam, mind you) with a Wi-Fi hotspot! He could be sat drinking his double mocha peppermint twist chocolate top (stirred, not shaken), watching on his laptop PC.

Our intrepid agent could be in a pub, or even out shopping with one of those newfangled 3G phones. The possibilities are endless. Why limit the croupier to just sending messages?

Sleeper agents could be programmed. Hypnotised before being sent out, they’d automatically tune into the live program at any means necessary. The roulette wheel itself could be used as a weapon! The direction that the silver pointy bits that make the ball bounce could be used to send encoded messages. When the Live online TV roulette wheel spins, depending on its direction and precise start time of the spin, our sleeper agent could be activated. Of course, this may not work all that well. Tuning in at the wrong time could send our sleeper agent off to find Aunt Bessie’s bloomers, rather than assassinating the leader of an army of killer robot goldfish or something.

Well, the world of live online roulette TV just got a whole lot more interesting! How do we know that this is not happening already? Perhaps the only way is to watch the shows and pay careful attention to the bets placed and the results shown. A detailed analysis combining recent millionaires made through roulette and close reading of the news stories may show a tight correlation between winners, and life changing events (not that winning a fortune wouldn’t be a life changing event!).

Next time you are watching live roulette TV online and you hear “Mister Darcy, you’ve hit the jackpot”, just think. Rather than celebrating a big win, it may just be that secret agent Mister Darcy is at that very moment disarming a thermonuclear warhead, thereby securing a multi-million pound book and newspaper deal, and saving life as we know it!

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