Episode 89 With Rachel Lampros Chaser


Episode 89 Chaser

In this episode, Jimmy interviews Rachel Lampros, the marketing director and Massachusetts Chair of the STAND Haiti Project. Jimmy and Rachel both support their local craft breweries, trying out a Lord Hobo Boom Sauce and a Flying Dog Bloodline Orange Ale, respectively. Rachel discusses her involvement with the STAND Haiti Project(@STANDhaiti) whose mission is establishing permanent access to orthopedic rehabilitative services in the country of Haiti through direct patient care and clinical training of its citizens. From sponsorship to student involvement, Rachel discloses how and why anyone can get involved. She also reveals what it takes to be a true pajama enthusiast.


Bio: Rachel Lampros, PT, DPT

Dr. Rachel Lampros, a native of Acton, MA, received her master of science in physical therapy from Springfield College in 2008. She went on to obtain her doctorate in physical therapy from Sage College in 2011.  While at Springfield College, Rachel played four years of collegiate lacrosse, achieving academic All-American honors. She continues to stay active in the sport and currently coaches at the high-school level.

Rachel is a board certified Sports Clinical Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association. Her clinical interests include sports medicine, orthopedics, and sport-specific training. Rachel excels with high-school and collegiate athletes with knee and shoulder dysfunction; particularly, the female athlete. Rachel is an active volunteer in the sports medicine community including work with the Olympic Training Center, US Figure Skating, and the Boston Athletic Association.

Rachel currently works at Massachusetts General Hospital sports medicine division.  She also serves as the Massachusetts’ Chair of STAND and their director of marketing.  Rachel is a lover of poodle mixes and a pajama enthusiast.


Contact Rachel Lampros and the STAND Haiti Project


Website: http://www.standhaitiproject.org/

Donate: http://www.standhaitiproject.org/donate

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrbMq4d_rRc&feature=youtu.be

Volunteer: http://www.standhaitiproject.org/volunteer1

Twitter: @STANDhaiti

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/STANDHaitiProject/?fref=nf

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/standhaitiproject/?hl=en


Email: rachel.lampros@gmail.com


Episode 89 Shoutouts

Justin Dunaway, DPT, President of STAND Haiti Project (@DrDunawayDPT)

Morgan Denny, DPT, Board of Directors STAND Haiti Project

Hallie Seiser, DPT, OH Chapter Director STAND Haiti Project

Dartanyon Crockett, Paralympic Judo Athlete (@DartanyonC)

Scott Waugh, DPT, Best Boss Ever


Episode Highlights

(4:15) What is STAND and why did you get involved?

(5:45) “STAND is different in we do a ton of teaching, getting the community involved and hopefully will have the clinic completely independently at some point.”

(6:20) Where can we watch the STAND mission video?


(7:15) How do you prepare for trip and what do you do once your boots hit the ground? What is in your suitcase?

“90% of my suitcase is just stuff to help people with.”

“You have to be resourceful and the creativity out there is really pretty amazing”

(9:00) How can someone help out or make a donation?


(10:30) Where are you situated? What the facilities like in Port-au-Paix?

(12:00) Who else is on the team?

(15:15) Who is eligible for the trip? Do I have to fundraise?

Volunteer: http://www.standhaitiproject.org/volunteer1

“Anyone who is passionate about PT and wants to help people. If you’re willing to learn and step outside your comfort zone this is the place for you. WE TAKE STUDENTS TOO!”

(18:40) What do you see in terms of severity and variety?

(20:30) Rachel shares a personal STAND Haiti story

(23:35) “At the end of the day that person leaves feeling like someone has listened to them”

(26:20) What is a pajama enthusiast? Because that sounds comfy…

(27:40) What kind of work did you do at Olympic Training Center?

(30:55) How do you explain to people how they should get involved in atypical ways?

(33:20) What does poverty mean?



#partingshots It’s opportunities like this that make you want to be better. I think that’s what keeps you motivated in your job. It keeps things fresh. It keeps things meaningful.

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