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michael kacer

In this episode, Jimmy sips on a Yuengling while chatting with a multi-medal Invictus games champion United States Army Staff Sargent Michael Kacer.

Kacer lost his left arm and sustained a TBI in a 2008 rocket attack in Afganistan. The duo discuss the origins and true purpose of the Invictus games. Kacer, who ran a marathon just eight months after his injury, then explains the importance of sports and physical therapy in his recovery journey. Kacer concludes with a heartfelt response regarding the reality of PTSD, a matter to which he has dedicated his life.

Setting his sights on the Rio Paralympics, be sure to look for Kacer first as a stunt man in Suicide Squad coming to theaters August 5.

Bio: United States Army Staff Sargent Michael Kacer

An interview with Michael Kacer

Contact Michael Kacer

Twitter: @michaelkacer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kacermichael/

Episode 83 Shoutouts

The Invictus Games @WeAreInvictus #invictusgames

Alain Akakpo, German Paralympian, Invictus Game Champion

Elizabeth Marks(@SGTMarks) US Army Paralympic Swimmer


Bataan Memorial Death March (@BataanMarch)

22Kill (#22Kill ) 22 military vets commit suicide each day

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (@WRBethesda)

Suicide Squad (@SuicideSquadWB)


Episode 83 Highlights

(2:34) What are the Invictus Games? Describe your experience as a competitor

“Showcasing diversity in sport over adversary in life”

Kacer races paralympian Alain Akakpo of Germany leading to a great friendship

(6:10) Shaddering barriers at the Invictus Games

“That’s what all these games are about and embody: the true spirit of resilience, overcoming and knowing that you’re not alone”

US Army Paralympic swimmer Elizabeth Marks(@SGTMarks) gives her Invictus Games gold medal to Papworth Hospital in the UK, the hospital that saved her life

(7:17) Biomechanics of an amputee runner

(9:22) Tell us about your injury. What was it like. What happened. Walk us through that day

#aliveday veterans share their stories one day a year on social media

“That I can truly accredit majority of my recovery to, the support system I had”

(16:50) PTSD and living a double life

First marathon 8 months after injury in a desert: Bataan Memorial Death March (@BataanMarch)

“I no longer have to do these events to run away from myself.”

(19:40) Kacer explains the army term “New Normal” and how hard it is to find

“There’s so much out there. If we could find a way to release the stress and express yourself a lot of these issues we’re dealing with a lot of the drug habits a lot of the being lost in the world. I honestly believe would be beat. There would be less suicide and less cases of depression. We wouldn’t have to rely on drugs. ”

(21:50) Kacer discusses survivor guilt and the importance of getting mental health

“Once you understand it you can battle it.”

(23:52) Kacer introduces and discusses his emotional support dog Meathead

(25:00) Jimmy highlights the internet phenomenon 22Kill (#22Kill )

22 military vets commit suicide each day

(27:00) Kacer walks us through his recovery, from OT to PT, a full time job

Treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (@WRBethesda)

(29:25) Finding the right prosthetic

(34:55) Kacer discusses his debut as stunt man in the film Suicide Squad (@SuicideSquadWB)


#partingshots   “Then you have the PT where you know what your limits are. You don’t think you can reach those limits anymore, but then you have this PT who is just relentless, just pushing you that extra half inch, that extra foot, that extra mile. And the biggest thing is when we believe we can do something it’s lining the way to get us to have the confidence in ourselves to be able to push us that extra bit. And that’s what he was good at. He wasn’t good he was great at finding out where your boundary was and convincing you that your boundary was further than what you knew it was. “


#partingshots “Limitations are completely only up to what you make them.”

#partingshots “There’s no reason for me to be beat by rowers with two arms.”

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