Episode 118 IGNITE series: Kayla Keckeisen Networking and Being Authentic


Episode 118 Chaser

In this episode, Jimmy interviews Kayla Keckeisen about her Ignite speech while Jimmy has a vodka drink and Kayla enjoys a free Heineken.

Bio: Kayla Keckeisen, SPT

Our next guest is a Third year DPT student at Rockhurst University and the outgoing APTA Student Assembly President. She’s an Avid runner, NASCAR fan, and dark chocolate enthusiast. Kayla’s favorite drink is a glass of pinot noir. Welcome to the show, Kayla Keckeisen

Contact Kayla Keckeisen

Email: kaylakeckdpt@gmail.com

Twitter: @KaylaKeck_DPT

Episode 118 Shoutouts

Alexis Morgan, SPT at Rockhurst University

Joe Black, SPT at Rockhurst University

Sharon Dunn, PT, PhD, OCS

Episode Highlights

(1:58) Did the structure of the ignite talk knock you off balance?

(2:45) What are we about to hear with your ignite talk?

(3:24) What are the main take-home points of your talk?

(4:14) What do you mean by “find your connectors”?

(6:10) Kayla’s Ignite speech


Be authentic and pick what’s best for you

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