Episode 114 Chaser: Margaret Danilovich and Craig Hensley


Episode 114 Chaser

Live from Miami continues with our interview with Margaret Danilovich, PT, DPT, PhD, GCS & Craig Hensley, PT, DPT from the Northwestern University  PT program. Margaret talks geriatric PT and how awesome it is (also bounces A LOT), while Craig talks sports PT, the Olympics, residencies, and how to get the most out of your clinical rotation. Give it up for this fantastic pair that came straight to PT Pub Night  from the airport. Appreciate it!


Margaret Danilovich

Margaret Danilovich is a physical therapy professor at Northwestern University. Her research interests focus on gerontological public health, including prevention and postponement of disability, modifiable lifestyle behaviors, caregiver health, and long term care policy. She is also interested in the translation, dissemination, and evaluation of community-based interventions for older adults. Her current research seeks to understand mechanisms for promoting physical activity participation among frail, homebound older adults.

Craig Hensley

Craig Hensley is an assistant physical therapy professor at Northwestern University and co-director of the RIC Orthopedic Residency Program. His primary research interests include the effects of manual therapy on pain and other physiological functions, arthritis, tendinopathy, and clinical reasoning. He has also worked with the US Olympic Team.

Contact Information

Margaret Danilovich:

Northwestern University


Craig Hensley:

Northwestern University

Episode 114 Shoutouts

Julie Ries, Professor of Physical Therapy at Marymount University

Erik Meira, PT Pintcast Episode 4: Sports PT

Cookie Friedhoff-Bohman, PT Pintcast Episode 1: PT residencies

Carole Lewis, PT Pintcast Episode 93: Silver Tsunami Talk

Episode 114 Highlights 

(2:44) What draws professors to a student event such as NSC?

(4:10) Margaret, how did you get involved in geriatrics?

(5:25) What is the silver tsunami?

(7:20) How can you spot a student destined for geriatrics?

“We completely under-dose what we can do with this population. If we dose appropriate, as I have shown in my research, people really have robust changes in their physical function as a result.”

(10:10) Margaret, why are you pursing a PhD, that seems like a lot of extra homework?

(12:30) How do we avoid burnout?

“If you find what you’re passionate about, you’re never working”

(15:30) How did you get involved with the U.S. Olympic Team? What was the highlight of that experience?

(17:30) What drew you to residency post-graduation? What are the takeaways?

(18:50) How do you find the right place to work post-graduation?

(21:45) How do you avoid burnout?


#partingshots: “It is a great privilege to be a physical therapist. It is a privilege to serve you patients every day.”-Margaret Danilovich

#partingshots: “Treat every patient like it’s your last patient. You’re dealing with someone who needs you. Give them you best.” –Craig Hensley

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