Ep 95 – Challenging Neuro Pts Over Grapefruit & Pineapple IPA’s with Tiffany Piquilloud


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In this episode, Jimmy chats with Tiffany Piquilloud, a board certified neurologic physical therapist and the Executive Director at Challenge Center in La Mesa, CA. Jimmy has a Sam Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA and Tiffany enjoys a Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin. Tiffany shares what it’s like to provide PT without the constraints of insurance limitations at Challenge Center, and how this practice began with one patient and a cup in front of Walmart. From adults in swings and the “healthy disabled”, to MMT makeovers and movement systems, she discusses the different perspectives that have helped her patients surpass expectations.

Bio: Tiffany Piquilloud, PT, MSPT, NCS
Tiffany Piquilloud, a Board Certified Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy, received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of California, Santa Barbara in 1991 and a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of the Pacific in 1993.  She currently serves as the Executive Director and Lead Physical Therapist at Challenge Center, a non-profit organization that provides exceptional neuro-rehabilitation to seniors and people with disabilities on a sliding scale after their insurance coverage has ended; and continues with specialized assisted fitness services that maintain health and function to keep people in their own homes.  Ms. Piquilloud has undergone extensive training in the treatment of neurological disorders, including the certification course in Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT). She has extensive experience in all areas of physical therapy, for both pediatrics and adults, and has pioneered several innovative approaches to restoring balance and agility in seniors and people with disabilities.  Her Challenge Center Balance and Conditioning class has shown measurable improvements in over 98% of participants.  During her time at Challenge Center Tiffany has worked diligently to expand her expertise in neuro-rehabilitation, disability and exercise, fall prevention and function in seniors, and long term treatment of acquired brain injuries and spinal cord injury rehabilitation, to name just a few.  Tiffany’s knowledge base and experience makes her a sought after speaker at a wide variety of meetings and seminars, as well as a guest lecturer at universities, doctor of physical therapy programs, occupational therapy programs, and the APTA Combined Section Meeting.

Ms. Piquillouds skills in the realm of physical therapy, combined with a strong business background and dedication to the Challenge Center’s mission, make her uniquely qualified for the role of Executive Director at Challenge Center. As Executive Director, Tiffany not only oversees quality service delivery at the Challenge Center, using her skill to assist clients in achieving their optimal functional level and realizing their dreams for recovery, but also in leading the Center forward in its goal to be the premier provider of extended Physical Therapy and Wellness and Fitness Services for seniors and people with disabilities.

Contact Challenge Center:
Website: http://www.challengecenter.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Challenge-Center-228347830527682/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiKoy1uJ424Vc93NibNBA5Q/feed

Episode 95 Shoutouts
Paul Reiser
, comedian known for Mad About You, this year’s featured guest at Challenge Center’s Comedy Night fundraiser
Bill Bodry, founder of Challenge Center (read his story here)
Nick Balengerformer guest of the show
Dr. Julie Ries, Jimmy’s neuro rehab Professor at Marymount

(3:10) Providing PT without time limits: what CAN’T we do?
“It’s the Challenge Center, not the easy center.”
(7:23) Challenge Center’s Comedy Night 2016 Fundraiser with Paul Reiser (save the date!)
(8:13) Challenge Center elevator speech: how did Challenge Center come about? How would you describe it to another PT?
(13:29) The nitty gritty on finances: how does it actually work?
(15:19) You take patients farther because you view things differently than what we’re taught in PT school. What are you guys looking at differently?
“If you view it as a choice, then there’s a lot more potential because you can change your choice.”
(20:57) Let’s talk about ‘Pusher Syndrome.’ What is it?
(24:26) How’d you get to putting an adult in a swing?
“I’ve never understood the line that we draw between kids and adults.”
“You can’t make omelets without breaking any eggs.”
(29:41) In all your time at Challenge Center, what’s a memory or two that stick out to you?
“What could possibly be the point of being able to walk 500 ft if you can’t get up to the walker, if you can’t go sit to stand?”
“They weren’t trying to teach him normal movement. They were trying to teach him how to be really good at being a spinal cord injury client.”
“He tricked me by asking me to teach him bed mobility, tricked me into teaching him a few things, and 10 months later they named her Aubrey.”
(34:56) Healthy disabled: it’s not an oxymoron, what does it mean?
“Having your function limited is not the same thing as your health limited.”
(37:41) Your Challenge Center Balance and Conditioning class has shown a measurable improvement in >98% of participants. What are you doing that I’m not doing?!
(39:27) Why does the manual muscle test need a makeover?
(42:56) The importance of the movement system

#PartingShots (this one’s a triple!)
“I think you gotta drill deeper and look for the why.”
“What would you want if it was your mom?”
“I’m not saying we should shoot for normal movement because it’s prettier. There’s a reason we all move this way, there’s a reason we all walk this way.”

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