Ep 93 Chaser – Silver Tsunami Talk with Carole Lewis


Ep 93 Chaser – Silver Tsunami Talk with Carole Lewis

Is the physical therapy profession ready to take on our aging population? In this episode Jimmy interviews Carole Lewis, P.T., G.C.S., M.S.G., M.P.A., Ph.D,  a leader in geriatric physical therapy. She’s the author of 21 textbooks on aging, the Founder of Premier Physical Therapy , a clinical researcher, contributor for ADVANCE, professor at George Washington School of Medicine, and leader of a popular lecture series.

Carole and Jimmy talk about her recent McMillian Lecture, launching 3 new courses on Great Seminars Online, and her travels teaching geriatric orthopedics and neurology. At Range restaurant located in the Friendship Heights region of Washington DC, Jimmy enjoys a Hardywood Peach Tripel craft brew while Carole sips a albarino white wine.


Carole B. Lewis, P.T., G.C.S., M.S.G., M.P.A., Ph.D.is well known as a maverick and advocate in the field of geriatric rehabilitation. She wrote the first textbook published in the field of geriatric rehabilitation. Dr.Lewis practices in her own clinic, conducts clinical research and publishes monthly for ADVANCE for Physical Therapists. Her popular lecture series has grown and evolved through the years. Each year her courses are completely updated and restructured to reflect current trends in practice and the newest medical research. Her seminar emphasizes scientifically based assessments, treatment, techniques, and protocols while being extremely relevant to the daily practice of rehabilitation of older adults. As the Founder and President of Premier Physical Therapy, Dr. Lewis continues to work in her practice in a clinical capacity. Additionally, she is an adjunct full professor at the George Washington University College of Medicine. Her dedication to the profession has motivated her to author over 21 textbooks on aging (Geriatric Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment of the Geriatric Patient, Aging: the Health Care Challenge, The Functional Toolbox I & II, Improving Mobility for Older Persons, etc.) as well as over 200 articles on age related topics. Her pursuit of the latest clinical information led her to the position of editor for the journal Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation. Dr. Lewis combines her clinical and consultative experiences in outpatient clinics, hospitals, home health agencies, and long-term care facilities to present practical, immediately useful techniques for health professionals who work with aging adults.

Learn more about geriatric with a Carole Lewis seminar at: http://www.greatseminarsonline.com

Episode Highlights

(4:50) Carole talks about The Mcmillan Lecture

(7: 45) “Don’t be afraid to try some edgy things.”

(9:50)  How Carole ended up in physical therapy

(11:40) “There wasn’t a book in geriatric physical therapy so I wrote one”

(18:20) Physical therapists need to be apart of the faculty at every medical school!

(24:50) Doing lectures all over the world.

(26:00) People are living longer and “no other profession can help the body age well into 100”

(28:00) Carole talk about starting her own clinic.

(35:40) How to select your best eye and dinner with Janet G. Travell, MD.

(38:00) A high tech and high touch profession …

(44:30) The Silver Tsunami of Baby Boomers is coming.


“This is a great profession. You could do almost anything you want in it, but you have to be dedicated and you have to see the value in it. You have to share that value with everybody -your medical peers, your physical therapy peers, your community.” -Carole Lewis, P.T., G.C.S., M.S.G., M.P.A., Ph.D

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