Ep. 87 Chaser – James “Hobo Health” Spencer – Talks Travel PT

Spencer--Hit the ground running

In this episode, Jimmy talks #travelPT with Hobo Health himself, James Spencer (@HoboHealth) who joins the conversation all the way from the Hawaiian island of Molokai. Donning a Hawaiian shirt, James enjoys a Maui Brewing Co. Big Swell IPA (#drinklocal), while Jimmy enjoys a Sweetwater Blue.

James Spencer, DPT, OCS, CSCS and his wife have been traveling PTs for nearly 10 years, having worked for over 20 facilities. They spend winters working in Aspen, CO, where they now call home, and are currently living the dream working in Hawaii for the summer. Beyond the clinic, James enjoys outdoor activities, participates in APTA leadership, and runs the website HoboHealth.com, which focuses on educating others on the opportunities that are available through working as a #travelPT.

Highlights include:

  • Living the dream via #travelPT – how a 2 year plan has extended to 10 years (2:57)
  • Why is #travelPT a thing? We don’t have enough PTs! (4:27)
  • What IS #travelPT (5:22) and how do you do it? (6:22)
  • Is #travelPT a good fit for the #freshPT? (7:27)
  • The BEST reason to travel: testing out the flavors of other parts of the country (8:45)
    • And it’s basically paid vacation!
  • The cons: a tale of two cars, temporary housing, and bad jobs (10:08)
    • The 3 questions the ask to avoid the nightmare assignment (11:48)
  • #ExtendedTourists with jackpot highlights – cultural immersion, weekends in the wilderness of big country Alaska, what kind of summit is this?, and the #burley Denali (13:48)
  • The #nittygritty on the money end – how to make money tax-free with #travelPT (19:01)
  • #Flexibility: the most important personality trait to successfully roll into town and fill a need (21:06)
  • Dabbling in #tinyliving on Martha’s Vineyard – trimming the fat off what you NEED, cutting loose, and turning off the TV, no #FOMO (26:23)
    • A la Fight Club, “the things you own end up owning you”
  • The skinny on international travel – considerations, commitment, and #cultureshock (32:17)
  • Listener questions from Facebook and twitter (34:10)
    • How do you negotiate your salary as a travel PT? Are there other things that factor into what your paid? – James Buenaventura, DPT (@buenaventuradpt) (34:20)
    • What’s your opinion on jumping into travel PT straight out of school? – Tony Trinh, SPT (@toekneePT) (36:33)
      • Why are there no orthopedic private practice spots available for new grads? – Ryan Haskins, SPT (@RyanHaskinsSPT ) (37:11)
    • Any recommendations or things to know if a new grad PT has small kids and a RN as a wife? #relocating – Zach Boyd (@Zach_m_Boyd) (37:40)
    • When are you finally going to settle down? – James Buenaventura, DPT (@buenaventuradpt)
  • #PartingShots (39:31)
    • You can find your dream job, you just might have to be flexible #flexibility

Check out HoboHealth.com and follow James on twitter @HoboHealth for everything #travelPT!


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