Ep. 82 Chaser – RC11 What is it & Why should I care?

Here’s the info after the episode:

Student Loan Debt” seems to be a buzzword these days and quite a hot topic. If you are a student like me, you love getting those emails showing your most “up-to-date current principal balance” and watching your balance skyrocket. But the Oregon Chapter has taken a step to combat (not eliminate) the increasing student debt issue, and has had some serious backing from chapters such as Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Texas; as well as the Oncology and Pediatric Sections of the APTA; and this step is titled “RC 11”. So, as a student, what do you need to know about RC 11-16? Here is the quick and dirty of what it is composed of & what it could mean for you! (Taken from to SOWH blog)

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The quick n dirty about RC11

Sign the petition to back RC11


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