Ep 183 OPTIM Fellowship from CSM

Episode 183 Chaser

In this episode, Jimmy shares a pint with Jennifer Frerich, Jim Heafner, and Brian Duncan, the pioneers of the OPTIM Manual Therapy Fellowship.

OPTIM Manual Therapy Fellowship


Episode 183 Shoutouts

Chris Fox


Episode Highlights

(2:00) What does OPTIM do?

(3:20) What is thestudentphysicaltherapist.com?

(5:00) What is COMT Program?

(6:20) Why should a student pursue continuing education?

(8:30) Why become a specialist?

(9:30) How long is a residency?

(12:20) What type of students do you look for for an OPTIM residency?

(14:10) What sets the OPTIM program apart?


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