Ep 173 Aureus Medical Group and Travel PT


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In this episode, Jimmy and Rachel Jermann interview Joleen Rupe-Hueftle and Chelsea Klinginsmith from Aureus Medical Group, sponsor of the PT Pintcast live from CSM 2017 in San Antonio, TX. These Aureus Medical representatives share the opportunities provided by travel PT and this leading medical staffing agency will help you find your next placement! Pack your bags and tune in to hear where your career may take you.

Contact Aureus Medical Group

Webite: www.aureusmedical.com

LinkedIn: Student Coordinator

Facebook: Aureus Medical Therapy Team

Twitter: @aureusmedical

Episode Highlights

(1:30) What does Aureus Medical do? Who do they help?

(1:40) Is it really free? Where can I be placed?

(4:30) What should be on my resume?

(6:00) What questions do you ask students?

(7:00) What do I do about my boards if I don’t know where I’m going to work?

(10:30) What is the easiest state to transfer licenses?

(11:40) Is traveling right out of school a good idea or should I establish a strong foundation first?

(13:20) Can I work with more than one staffing agency?

(14:30) How do I get health insurance?

(16:00) Where do I pay taxes?

(17:00) Do I have to commit to a time specific contract with Aureus?

(19:00) What is match hire?

(21:00) If you could live anywhere where would you live?

(22:00) What have you read recently that you would recommend to a friend?

(23:00) What is the number one thing someone needs to think about before going into travel PT?

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