Episode 168 – STAND: The Haiti Project With Morgan, Justin, and Luke


Episode 168 Chaser

In this episode, Jimmy interviews the directors and co-founders of STAND: The Haiti project, Justin Dunaway, Morgan Denny, and Luke Slipski. Justin enjoys a rum and coke, Morgan a vodka tonic, Luke a rum and coke, and Jimmy a vodka soda. The teams talks about how to create a sustainable global initiative.

Bio: STAND Haiti

Our next group of guests are the directors and cofounders of STAND: The Haiti Project which stands for (Sustainable Therapy and New Development). Two are PTs who currently reside in Portland, OR and the Third is a MPH who calls Oakland home. They all have a passion for helping the people of Haiti and have seen the difference that can be made regarding health & happiness. They are committed to this project and believe strongly in its growth and our ability to become a positive and permanent change in the communities of NW Haiti.

Contact the STAND Haiti team


Website: http://www.standhaitiproject.org/

Donate: http://www.standhaitiproject.org/donate

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrbMq4d_rRc&feature=youtu.be  

Volunteer: http://www.standhaitiproject.org/volunteer1

Twitter: @STANDhaiti

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/STANDHaitiProject/?fref=nf

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/standhaitiproject/?hl=en

Justin Dunaway: [email protected]

Morgan Denny: [email protected]

Episode 168 Shoutouts

Sean Hagey, PTA

Twitter: @GetPT1st

Episode Highlights

(2:14) Why did you start going to Haiti and what do you do there?

(3:25) How many trips a year do you take?

(3:50) The group talks about a day’s usual process of seeing patients.

(5:35) Do you have a permanent clinic?

(6:29) Luke, what is your background and when did you start going on the trips?

(7:43) What is one of your stories that continues to bring you back to Haiti?

(13:22) The three talk about the development of the team who help treat patients.

(15:32) How do people find out how to get involved?

(19:50) If you could setup a project like STAND anywhere in the U.S., where would that be?

(20:31) What is something that you have read recently that has inspired you?

(21:11) Who is someone in the world of physical therapy that we should know more about?


Patients come in pain and leave happy, do something bigger than yourself, and Haiti is an opportunity to develop your skills as a primary care provider.

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