Ep 149 Chaser – Bike PT Kevin Schmidt


Episode 149 Chaser

In this episode with Kevin Schmidt, a bike PT out of Portland, Oregon, we learn about his unique clinic for bikers, Pedal PT, how bike fitting relates to PT, and how the body might react to riding a clown bike around for a while. Jimmy drinks a Shower Beer by Champion Brewing while Kevin enjoys an Asterisk IPA from Melvin Brewing Company.

Bio: Kevin Schmidt, PT, MSPT, CMP, Bike PT

Kevin Schmidt received his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Grand Valley State University in southwest Michigan before promptly moving to Portland in 2002. He’s been a daily bicyclist in southeast Portland for the past 8 years. His interest in complex cycling injuries and bike fitting concepts prompted him to take extensive continuing education in becoming the very first Bike PT in Portland, OR, which lead to founding Pedal PT in 2012.

Outside of the office, Kevin enjoys surfing, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and two young children, ages 6 and 8. He is also an enthusiastic supporter of the Oregon craft beer scene, and is a Founding Member of the Green Dragon pub in Southeast Portland.

Contact Information

Email: kevin@pedalpt.com

Website: http://www.pedalpt.com

Twitter: @pedalpt

Episode 149 Shoutouts

Erik Moen, PT – Bike PT http://www.corporesanopt.com/about/

Chris Johnson, PT – https://chrisjohnsonpt.com/

Episode 149 Highlights

(1:40) Talk a little bit about Pedal PT and why it is so different.

(3:15) “You don’t have to have shoulder pain when you’re throwing a ball, you shouldn’t have to have back pain when you’re running, why is that different on the bike?”

(5:35) I think that’s where PT is going, getting more and more specialized. You are in a unique area in terms of Portland, I feel like that’s a pretty bike heavy market, am I wrong?

(6:15) “80-85% of bicyclists that ride regularly will develop aches and pains related to riding a bike.”

(6:30) Your patients are probably able to have more trust in you because this guy isn’t just telling me what to do, he’s living it, he’s going to walk the walk as well, or “pedal the pedal.”

(9:45) How do you explain the main difference between what a bike fitter might do, and they are experts on bikes, and what a PT bike fitter does?

(11:00) “The bike is adjustable, but the body is adaptable. Who’s better to understand how the body is going to adjust to that adaptability?”

(12:45) “The sooner the symptoms come on, usually the larger the changes we need to make to the bike.”

(15:10) If there’s some place in the US that you wouldn’t mind working as a PT where’s some place that you’d really like to go?

(15:38) What’s something that you either are reading or recently read that really excited you? What’s something we should read and put on our list?

(16:05) Who’s someone in the field of physical therapy that we should know more about?

(16:35) What’d you do with The Green Dragon?

(17:25) Tell me what makes your clinic, your clinic? What are the cool things about it that you go to put your own spin on?

(19:15) “Know what you’re good at, and if you’re going to be a niche, just drive that home.”

(19:45) If someone were in their new career, mid career, or student, somewhere along the PT career spectrum and they’re thinking about becoming a bike PT, do you suggest waiting a few years or just jump right in?

(22:55) What kind of bike do you ride?


“The most valuable thing is the relationship you build with that patient. More so than any technique that you do more so than anything you can do with your hands or anything is building that relationship and that comfort level with that person that’s with you so they can feel comfortable and trusted with you because you’ll succeed a lot. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, if that person likes you, you will get a good majority of people.”

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