Ep 141 Chaser – Ryan Johnson of IPA Breaking the Mold with Cash-based Clinics


Episode 141 Chaser

From SHOTS in Miami, Jimmy chats with former guest of the show Ryan Johnson of the Institute of Physical Art (IPA). Jimmy enjoys a vodka soda, while Ryan enjoys a tequila soda and talks about breaking the mold working on his new chain of cash-based practices, IPA’s certification process, and going after your passions.

Bio: Ryan Johnson, PT, DPT, CFMT, FFMT, FAAOMPT
Ryan Johnson graduated from University of California San Francisco with his doctorate of physical therapy. After graduating, Ryan enrolled in the Institute of Physical Art’s APTA Credentialed Orthopedic Residency in Eugene, Oregon mentoring under Michael Baum, PT, CFMT and Kent Keyser, PT, MS, OCS, COMT, ATC, CKTP, FFCFMT, FAAOMPT. He then moved to Delhi, India and worked for 3 months as Residency Co-Director/Instructor for the Institute of Physical Art’s Functional Manual Therapy Residency program, where he was involved in training 14 Indian Physiotherapists in Functional Manual Therapy. Upon returning from India he tested for his Certification in Functional Manual Therapy (CFMT), which he passed with distinction (greater than 94% cumulative score). He then relocated to New York City, where completed the Institute of Physical Art’s AAOMPT/APTA Credentialed Functional Manual Therapy Fellowship program under the direct mentorship of Dean Hazama, MPT, FFMT, FAAOMPT. After completing his fellowship, Ryan chose to stay in New York City where he continues to practice at the IPA Manhattan clinic. Ryan is a faculty member for the Institute of Physical Art, teaching several continuing education courses each year. Furthermore he sits on the research committee for the Functional Manual Therapy Foundation, and is currently involved with several research projects.

Contact Ryan Johnson, PT, DPT, CFMT, FFMT, FAAOMPT
Email: [email protected]
IPA Physio Nashville Website: http://ipa.physio
IPA Manhattan Website: http://www.ipanyc.com
LinkedIn: Ryan Johnson
IPA Physio Twitter: @IPAPhysio

Episode Shoutouts
Josh D’Angelo, PT, DPT of PT Day of Service and recent guest of the show (@joshdangelo)
Efosa Guobadia, DPT of PT Day of Service and recent guest of the show (@EfosaGuobadia)
Seth Blee, DPT, CFMT, of IPA (Bio)
Gregory S. Johnson, PT, FFFMT, FAAOMPT, Ryan’s dad and Co-Founder FMT, Co-Founder/Co-Director IPA (Bio)
Bradley Grohovsky, DPT, CFMT, Co-Developer and Partner of IPA Physio Nashville (@DrG_PT)
The APTA (apta.org)
Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point and Blink (Website)
Jack Stagge, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT of IPA and Faces 4 Hope
David Butler, PT, GDAMT, M.SPP.SC (Bio)
Lorimer Moseley, PhD, FACP (Website)
Robert L. Elvey, PT, GDMT

Episode Highlights
2:02 Name-dropping some familiar IPA names
2:32 Breaking the mold with a new chain of clinics
3:00 How are you going to separate yourself? How are you going to put your spin on it?
3:33 Are cash-based practices where things are going?
4:12 Do people ever have an interest in cash-based, or do they have an interest in value?
5:30 How do you approach the question, ‘do you take insurance?’”
“I’m looking at starting clinics where we’re cash-based, we provide quality care.”
7:57 Giving the local clinic owner the majority ownership
“I don’t want to make a clinic where I get managers who maybe profit-share 5-10% of the earnings.”
“I want to bring us together, so then instead of it just being a big clinic that owns the majority and we have managers, I want to be able to have these high-end, boutique clinics that are run by really good therapists.”
8:51 So you’ve got two of these right now?
IPA Physio Nashville
Johnson & Johnson PT
9:38 IPA FMT certification (CFMT), opening practices, and branding
“I love this mutually beneficial relationship thing where I really want to help others succeed.”… “I just get very excited when other people benefit and they succeed, and they’re successful at what they’re doing.”
12:41 Three questions sponsored by Aureus Medical:
1. Where is somewhere in the country you haven’t lived yet that you wouldn’t mind going to be a PT in?
2. What is something you’re reading or have read recently, PT or non-PT related?
The Economist
National Geographic, Mars: Inside the High-Risk, High-Stakes Race to the Red Planet
The Tipping Point and Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
3. Who is someone within the field of PT that we should know more about?
Jack Stagge, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT of IPA and Faces 4 Hope

#PartingShots from SHOTS
“Be yourself, go for what you want to do.”
“I think everybody just needs to be willing to find their place and just go for it.”
“It’s not worth it if you don’t love what you do.”

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