Ep. 128 Rose Pignataro PhD, DPT, CWS, CHES


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In this episode Jimmy interviews Rose Pignataro to discuss the importance of patient education. Although this is a major component of tobacco cessation, almost all physical therapy interventions need some level of patient buy-in to be successful. Implementing at least some if not all elements of motivational interviewing has the potential to get improved patient outcomes on a shorter timeline.

Bio: Rose Pignataro PhD, DPT, CWS, CHES

Rose Pignataro has over 20 years of physical therapy experience including acute care, adult rehabilitation and outpatient management of orthopedic, neurologic and integumentary impairments. She earned her PhD in Public Health Sciences with concentrations in social and behavioral theory, patient education and health promotion and wellness. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Florida Gulf Coast University. Her research focuses on health promotion and wellness using evidence based patient education including motivational interviewing.


Episode 137 Shoutouts

5 A’s of Smoking Cessation

Janet Bezner

Beth Black

Physical Therapists’ Role in Health Promotion as Perceived by the Patient

Mary Sue Ingman

Episode 71 Highlights

(2:00) Research in tobacco cessation

(2:45) “People with disabilities are two times as likely to smoke as people without disabilities”

(3:15) Tobacco has effect on wound healing, muscle metabolism, and tendon/ ligament healing rates. Nicotine restricts blood flow (even smokeless tobacco use)

(4:10) “What is motivational interviewing?”

(7:19) Tell us about your work with the US Public Health Service and smoking cessation; the 5 A’s

(13:57) “Besides where you’ve already lived and practiced PT, where is somewhere in the U.S. that you’d always want to go and be a PT?”

(14:17) “What is something you are currently reading or have just read?”

(15:04) “Who is someone else in Physical Therapy that we should know more about?”


“We talk about evidence based practice in terms of manual therapies, modalities, etc. we should be talking about evidence based practice in relation to patient education as well. Motivational interviewing is really well supported by the research”


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