Ep. 136 Chaser – PT PAC with Mike Matlack


Episode 137 Chaser

Live from Miami comes to a close with our interview of Mike Matlack, the Director of the APTA’s Political Action Committee (PT-PAC) at National Student Conclave 2016. Mike discusses the importance of the PT-PAC and how students can get involved in advocacy for the profession.

Bio: Mike Matlack

Mike Matlack is the Director of Congressional Affairs for the APTA which oversees the association’s legislative agenda on Capitol Hill including federal lobbying, grassroots efforts, and political action. Under this title, Mike is also the Director of Grassroots and Political Affairs for the PT Political Action Committee. Before joining the APTA, he managed congressional relations for the National Society of Professional Engineers, worked for Pearson & Pipkin Inc, worked for the Republican National Committee, and interned for former Rep Richard Pombo.

Contact Information
Email: michaelmatlack@apta.org

Episode 137 Shoutouts
Brad Thuringer, PTA
PT Political Action Committee (www.ptpac.org)

Episode 137 Highlights
(1:40) – Mike discusses how donations are used by the PT-PAC
(2:15) – Where are we in terms of funds raised over the last 10 years?
(2:59) – What are some of the ways that students can get involved at the local level to help raise money for PT-PAC?
(4:53) – Mike discusses the Federal Advocacy Forum and how it can show students the important work done by PT-PAC
(6:03) – Mike discusses the importance of advocacy at the local level and the challenges of meeting with Congress and their busy schedules

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