Ep. 134 Dennis Fell from MD to PT


On Tap:

In this episode Jimmy interviews Dennis Fell about his transition from MD to PT. Dennis explains the differences in curriculum as well as other health care providers’ perception of a PT’s role in patient care.

Bio: Dennis Fell

Dr. Dennis Fell has been teaching neuroscience and neuromuscular rehabilitation at University of South Alabama since 1992, where he also earned his M.D. and B.S. in Physical Therapy. His primary clinical interests include the examination and intervention of neurological disorders of pediatrics and adults. He is an active member of the APTA, has held many positions in the Alabama APTA and has peer reviewed and been published in numerous journals. He has been involved in many continuing education courses, spoke at various conferences and accumulated several awards.

Full CV can be viewed at:

https://www.southalabama.edu/colleges/alliedhealth/pt/resources/fell.pdf (copy/paste link)

Twitter: @dFellNeuroPT

Episode 137 Shoutouts

Geneva Johnson, PhD, PT, FAPTA

Episode 71 Highlights

(1:24) Tell us about your background

(3:06) How did anatomy in PT school differ from the anatomy you learned in med school

(5:20) How would you explain other health care providers’ understanding of a PT’s role and responsibility in patient care?

(7:00) “Besides where you’ve already lived and practiced PT, where is somewhere in the U.S. that you’d always want to go and be a PT?”

(7:18) “What is something you are currently reading or have just read”

(8:00) “Who is someone else in Physical Therapy that we should know more about?”


“Make sure you approach every patient as if they were your mom, or dad or grandmother. I think when you get busy especially its easy to start seeing people just as patients, remember at the bottom that’s a real person”


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