Ep 127 Chaser – Amy Arundale on Pushing Your Comfort Zone, Finding Answers, & Soccer


Episode 127 Chaser

Continuing from National Student Conclave in Miami, Jimmy chats with sports PT and plenary session presenter Amy Arundale (@soccerPT11). Amy talks about her background in soccer, networking, and ACL injury prevention research.

Bio: Amy Arundale, PT, DPT, SCS
Amy attended Duke University for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She worked for Proaxis Therapy as well as the Capital Area Soccer League and the Carolina Railhawks, before beginning a PhD in Biomechanics at the University of Delaware under the advisement of Dr. Lynn Snyder-Mackler. Amy is passionate about soccer and has a particular interest in injury prevention and the treatment of high level adolescent athletes.

Contact Amy Arundale
Twitter: @soccerPT11

Episode Shoutouts
Dr. Tim J. Gabbett, @TimGabbett
Joe Black, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC former (and future!) guest of the show (@joeblackdpt)
Skip Hunter, PT, ATC (bio)
Danny Smith, PT, DHSc, OSC, SCS, ATC (bio)
Secili DeStefano, PT, DPT, OCS (bio) (@secilid)

Episode Highlights
1:56 #APTANSC Omaha 2015 Plenary Session #APTAPrezSelfie challenge
3:06 What was your soccer background?
4:30 Networking, leadership, getting involved with the APTA, and pushing your comfort zone
6:24 Now you’re doing your PhD because why? Just being a PT and a soccer player was not enough?
7:54 Talk to us a little bit about your research: primary and secondary ACL injury prevention in athletes. What’s the difference?
9:03 Why are concussions being lowered with a warm-up?
10:09 What’s your day like as a researcher?
10:57 When no one’s around, do you throw the little dots on yourself and just have fun with it?
11:36 You say no two days are the same, so what are some of the days you like the most?
12:25 Why are there so many ACL injuries?
13:37 What are some of your favorite objective tests? If you were to say “these two objective tests, if I could have an athlete go through them, it would be the best predictor for ACL.”
15:06 Where is your research going to go? Where do you see it going in the future?
16:11 Three questions sponsored by Aureus Medical
-If there is one place in the US that you haven’t lived or worked in yet, where would you go?
-What are you currently or most recently reading, PT or non-PT related? (Gabbett full text article)
-Who is someone within the field of physical therapy that we should know more about?

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