Ep. 125 Chaser – Megan Poll, PT, DPT, OCS


Episode #125 Chaser


In this episode, Jimmy interviews Megan Poll, current physical therapist at Georgetown University and former adjunct faculty at Marymount University. Megan discusses the benefits of being a member of the  orthopedic section of the APTA and details their mentorship program.


Bio: Megan Poll PT, DPT, OCS


Megan Poll, a graduate and former adjunct faculty of Marymount University, began her career in Virginia. She moved to New York in 2015, where she treated ballet dancers of the New York City Ballet before moving back to Washington, D.C. where she obtained a physical therapist position at Georgetown University, treating Division 1 athletes.


Contact Information


Twitter: @mcpoll0417



Episode #125 Highlights


(2:05) What have you been up to? You were in Virginia and then you went to New York. Why don’t you tell everybody what you were doing in New York?


(2:20) Are ballet dancers’ feet as bad as people think?!


(3:00) What are you doing now being back in the D.C. area?

Now I am the PT for the Georgetown Athletic Department… I am partial to basketball.


(3:42) Why should students pay attention to the Orthopedic Section?


(5:20) Residencies. Why should someone do one or should they even do one at all?

“I think you have to figure out what your personal model is for physical therapy and if you feel like you need additional training, didactic or hands on, find a program that works best with you.”


(6:02) Who can I contact or what sources can I access to answer questions about the Ortho section?

“Orthopt.org. The website also has the application for the orthopedic mentorship program that matches you with a clinician in your area. It also has information on special interest groups in the orthopedic section, scholarship and research opportunities.


(7:22) Prediction for the Hoyas basketball team? Where do you think they will finish?




#partingshot – Mentorships are great for everyone involved. Both mentors and students get as much out of the mentorship program as the students do.



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