Ep 111 Chaser – VCU-Marquette Challenge with Kristen Garey and Casey Burruss

Episode 111 Chaser In this episode, Jimmy interviews Kristen Garey, a third year PT student at Marquette University and Casey Burruss, a second year PT student at Virginia Commonwealth University. Jimmy tries out a local brew, Casey enjoys a Jai Alai IPA, and Kristen sips on a mixed drink. Listen as they talk about the […]


Ep 109 Chaser – Joe Lipsky SPT Columbia Univ NY Core Ambassador

Episode 109 Chaser We continue with NSC 2016: Live from Miami with Joseph Lipsky Health and Fitness Professional, #dptstudent from Columbia University in the City of New York. He talks about the #choosePT & Columbia collaboration, with coverage on the Today Show, creating a private practice elective, and where he thinks DPT education is headed. Great ideas, from students, coming to […]


Ep 107 Chaser – Scott Chesney APTA NSC Keynote Speaker

Episode 107 Chaser Live from Miami, Jimmy chats with 2016 National Student Conclave keynote speaker Scott Chesney. Scott discusses the theme of his keynote address that anything is possible, shares insight and words to live by, and the game changing wheels on his chair. Bio: Scott Chesney Scott Chesney, a two-time world traveler and a […]


Ep 101 Chaser – John DeNoyelles interviews Jimmy McKay over 12 oz of America

Episode 101 Chaser In this episode, John DeNoyelles interviews Jimmy McKay, recent graduate of Marymount University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program and founder of PT Pintcast. They chat over a 12 oz of America about his journey through PT school, the NPTE, job interviews, and more. Bio: Jimmy McKay, PT, DPT Jimmy is a recent […]

FiTBUX--simple and strategize

Episode 90 Chaser – Student Debt over Jack & a Grapefruit Shandy

  In this episode, Jimmy interviews finance wiz and FitBUX founder and CEO Joseph Reinke (@FitBUXofficial ). Joe tackles Jimmy’s financial questions with a Jack Daniel’s at hand, while Jimmy celebrates summer with a Traveler Grapefruit Shandy. Jimmy and Joe discuss every #DPTstudent’s favorite topic, student loans and repayment plans. A chartered financial analyst, Joe […]


IV STEP: Recap & Thoughts from a Student Perspective

Author: Tim Rethorn is an SPT from The Ohio State University, Class of 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @TimRethornSPT.  In the pic, from left to right: Dennis Fell PT, MD, T.Najjar, PT, NCS, Bria Varner, PT, DPT, Carrie Minahan, PT, DPT, MS, NCS, Rhea Schmidt, PT, DPT, and Tim Rethorn, SPT.  I had the […]