Ep 172 Chaser – Stephania Bell, Haideh Plock, and Jim Rivard on Fellowships and Residencies

Episode 172 Chaser In this episode with Stephania Bell, Haideh Plock, and Jim Rivard, we learn about the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, why you should seek out fellowships and residencies, and why you shouldn’t marry a classmate. Bio: Stephania Bell, Haideh Plock, and Jim Rivard Stephania Bell, PT, OCS, CSCS: Physical therapist […]


Ep 146 Chaser – Pushing the Limits of Exposure in PT School with Amy Yorke

Episode 146 Chaser In this episode with Amy Yorke, we talk about diving into continuing education for more exposure, what to focus on when developing your early professional career, and how interviewing Ozzy Osbourne on the phone is easier than faking it for PT school practicals. Amy enjoys Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka and Jimmy has a Starr Hill Northern […]


Ep 141 Chaser – Ryan Johnson of IPA Breaking the Mold with Cash-based Clinics

Episode 141 Chaser From SHOTS in Miami, Jimmy chats with former guest of the show Ryan Johnson of the Institute of Physical Art (IPA). Jimmy enjoys a vodka soda, while Ryan enjoys a tequila soda and talks about breaking the mold working on his new chain of cash-based practices, IPA’s certification process, and going after your passions. Bio: Ryan […]


Ep 129 Chaser – Living the Dream or Embracing the Suck: Finding Your Purpose with Joe Black & Secili DeStefano

Episode 129 Chaser In this episode from SHOTS in Miami, Jimmy chats with Plenary Session presenters Joe Black and Secili DeStefano. Joe enjoys a corona, Secili enjoys a scotch, and Jimmy drinks vodka to watch his figure. Joe and Secili describe their unorthodox presentation, finding your purpose, staying engaged, and so much more. Bio: Joe Black, PT, DPT, […]


Ep 127 Chaser – Amy Arundale on Pushing Your Comfort Zone, Finding Answers, & Soccer

Episode 127 Chaser Continuing from National Student Conclave in Miami, Jimmy chats with sports PT and plenary session presenter Amy Arundale (@soccerPT11). Amy talks about her background in soccer, networking, and ACL injury prevention research. Bio: Amy Arundale, PT, DPT, SCS Amy attended Duke University for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She worked for Proaxis […]


Ep. 123 Chaser – IGNITE Series: Putting PT on the Map with the CEO Justin Moore

Episode 123 Chaser Live from Miami continues with our interview of APTA’s CEO: Justin Moore, PT, DPT. As part of the Ignite Series at National Student Conclave 2016, Justin discusses how individuals can blaze new paths in the PT profession while working to help put PT on the map. Bio: Justin Moore, PT, DPT Dr. […]


Episode 118 IGNITE series: Kayla Keckeisen Networking and Being Authentic

Episode 118 Chaser In this episode, Jimmy interviews Kayla Keckeisen about her Ignite speech while Jimmy has a vodka drink and Kayla enjoys a free Heineken. Bio: Kayla Keckeisen, SPT Our next guest is a Third year DPT student at Rockhurst University and the outgoing APTA Student Assembly President. She’s an Avid runner, NASCAR fan, […]


Ep. 117 Chaser – IGNITE Series: Scott McAfee and the THRIVE Mindset

Episode 117 Chaser Live from Miami continues with our interview of Scott McAfee, PT, DPT about his speech as part of the Ignite Series at National Student Conclave 2016. Scott discusses the THRIVE mindset and how it differs from the typical “survive” mindset most students are accustomed to. Bio: Scott McAfee, PT, DPT Dr. Scott […]