Episode 139 Chaser – Pediatric PT with Kendra Gagnon PT, PhD

DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE HERE Episode #138 Chaser In this episode, Jimmy interviews Kendra Gangon, associate professor at Rockhurst University, pediatric physical therapist, and self-proclaimed tech junky. Jimmy is sipping on a Warsteiner Oktoberfest Special Edition in hopes of pushing winter away while Kendra enjoys a locally brewed Cranberry Orange Radler. Kendra details the various sub-specialties […]


Ep 104 Chaser – Casting designs over Bold Rock Apple Cider with Amanda Hall, the “Madcaster”

Episode 104 Chaser In this episode, Jimmy interviews Amanda Hall, also known as the “Madcaster” at HSC Pediatric Center. They enjoy a Bold Rock Virginia Apple Cider while talking about how Amanda got into designing casts and what it means for the patient. Bio: Amanda Hall, PT, MPT, PCS – Madcaster Amanda Hall received her […]


IV STEP: Recap & Thoughts from a Student Perspective

Author: Tim Rethorn is an SPT from The Ohio State University, Class of 2018. You can follow him on Twitter @TimRethornSPT.  In the pic, from left to right: Dennis Fell PT, MD, T.Najjar, PT, NCS, Bria Varner, PT, DPT, Carrie Minahan, PT, DPT, MS, NCS, Rhea Schmidt, PT, DPT, and Tim Rethorn, SPT.  I had the […]

Publicity of Michelle Lobo

Ep. 80: DIY Super Suits with Michele Lobo of Sew Baby Sew

In this episode, Jimmy drinks a Saint Arnold Amber Ale and chats with Dr. Michele Lobo of Sew Baby Sew. Michele Lobo, PT, PhD, received her MPT from Hahnemann University and Movement Science PhD from the University of Delaware. She has been a visiting researcher at The Free University of Amsterdam, and the University of […]

Photo of G, Face askew to protect his identity. Used with permission.

I’m going to change A world.

**** Disclaimer: I’m a podcaster, not a writer.  My fingers don’t move fast enough for my thoughts. So you need to read my posts, like they would ramble out of my mouth.  Also, I’m crappy at grammar and spelling. **** “I’m going to change the world.” It’s a bold statement and one that I’ve been […]