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6-Pack – What are the 6 things that EVERY physical therapy website NEEDS to have to be successful?

We ask experts in different aspects of PT to answer 1 question with a 6-pack of answers. Today we ask Kaitlyn Shaug of BuildPT.com  “What are the 6 things that EVERY physical therapy website NEEDS to have to be successful?” Mobile Responsive. A majority of web users use a mobile device. A mobile responsive website […]

Ep 183 OPTIM Fellowship from CSM

Episode 183 Chaser In this episode, Jimmy shares a pint with Jennifer Frerich, Jim Heafner, and Brian Duncan, the pioneers of the OPTIM Manual Therapy Fellowship. OPTIM Manual Therapy Fellowship http://www.optimfellowship.com/ Episode 183 Shoutouts Chris Fox thestudentphysicaltherapist.com Episode Highlights (2:00) What does OPTIM do? (3:20) What is thestudentphysicaltherapist.com? (5:00) What is COMT Program? (6:20) Why […]


Ep. 144 Chaser – Blazing Trails for Running PT with Blaise Williams of the VCU Run Lab

Episode 143 Chaser In this episode with Blaise Williams, we learn all about the VCU Run Lab, Exercise Physiology research in the running community, and how an ancient Mayan word captures his love for running. Blaise enjoys a Triple Hop Islander IPA by Coronado Brewing Company while Jimmy sips on a Mint Chocolate Stout from […]


Ep 143 Chaser – Oncology PT with Leslie Waltke

On Tap: In this episode with Leslie Waltke, we learn about rehabilitation for cancer patients, how cancer survivors have tackled triathlons with Team Phoenix and why Leslie inadvertently increased the fall risk of pedestrians while in China. Bio: Leslie Waltke, PT, DPT Leslie received her degree in Physical Therapy from University of Wisconsin in 1988. […]


Ep 141 Chaser – Ryan Johnson of IPA Breaking the Mold with Cash-based Clinics

Episode 141 Chaser From SHOTS in Miami, Jimmy chats with former guest of the show Ryan Johnson of the Institute of Physical Art (IPA). Jimmy enjoys a vodka soda, while Ryan enjoys a tequila soda and talks about breaking the mold working on his new chain of cash-based practices, IPA’s certification process, and going after your passions. Bio: Ryan […]


Ep. 74 Chaser – The Beer & a Bourbon with The Barbell Physio Zach Long

  Episode 74 Chaser In this episode, Jimmy talks with Zach Long, PT, DPT about strength and conditioning hybrid PT’s, Blood Flow Restriction Training in Clinic how to create a social media presence AND the dirty “C” word, Chiropractors.  Zach is drinking a few fingers of 4 Roses Bourbon and Jimmy cracks a Shock Top […]