Ep 146 Chaser – Pushing the Limits of Exposure in PT School with Amy Yorke

Episode 146 Chaser In this episode with Amy Yorke, we talk about diving into continuing education for more exposure, what to focus on when developing your early professional career, and how interviewing Ozzy Osbourne on the phone is easier than faking it for PT school practicals. Amy enjoys Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka and Jimmy has a Starr Hill Northern […]


Episode 133 Chaser with Mike Wong – Clinical Pattern Recognition Apps

Episode #133 Chaser   In this episode, Jimmy interviews Mike Wong, current physical therapist at Loma Linda University Medical Center Orthopaedic Outpatient Clinic and assistant professor at Azusu Pacific University. Mike discusses his experience with developing the Clinical Pattern Recognition and its application to current students and new practitioners.     Bio: Mike Wong, PT, […]


Ep 129 Chaser – Living the Dream or Embracing the Suck: Finding Your Purpose with Joe Black & Secili DeStefano

Episode 129 Chaser In this episode from SHOTS in Miami, Jimmy chats with Plenary Session presenters Joe Black and Secili DeStefano. Joe enjoys a corona, Secili enjoys a scotch, and Jimmy drinks vodka to watch his figure. Joe and Secili describe their unorthodox presentation, finding your purpose, staying engaged, and so much more. Bio: Joe Black, PT, DPT, […]

Photo of G, Face askew to protect his identity. Used with permission.

I’m going to change A world.

**** Disclaimer: I’m a podcaster, not a writer.  My fingers don’t move fast enough for my thoughts. So you need to read my posts, like they would ramble out of my mouth.  Also, I’m crappy at grammar and spelling. **** “I’m going to change the world.” It’s a bold statement and one that I’ve been […]