Ep 173 Aureus Medical Group and Travel PT

Episode Chaser In this episode, Jimmy and Rachel Jermann interview Joleen Rupe-Hueftle and Chelsea Klinginsmith from Aureus Medical Group, sponsor of the PT Pintcast live from CSM 2017 in San Antonio, TX. These Aureus Medical representatives share the opportunities provided by travel PT and this leading medical staffing agency will help you find your next […]


Ep 172 Chaser – Stephania Bell, Haideh Plock, and Jim Rivard on Fellowships and Residencies

Episode 172 Chaser In this episode with Stephania Bell, Haideh Plock, and Jim Rivard, we learn about the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, why you should seek out fellowships and residencies, and why you shouldn’t marry a classmate. Bio: Stephania Bell, Haideh Plock, and Jim Rivard Stephania Bell, PT, OCS, CSCS: Physical therapist […]


Episode 170 Chaser – Chris Powers on Tech in PT and the Movement System at CSM 2017

Episode #170 Chaser In this episode, Jimmy interviews Chris Powers, founder of the Movement Performance Institute and professor in the Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at University of Southern California. Chris discusses APTA involvement and growth and the technologically integrated vision of the future of PT. He talks about using technology as a form […]


Ep 167 Chaser – Two Presidents – APTA’s Sharon Dunn & WCPT’s Emma Stokes

Episode 167 Chaser Live from CSM 2017 in San Antonio, Jimmy sits down with American Physical Therapy Association’s President Sharon Dunn and World Confederation of Physical Therapy’s President Emma Stokes. They discuss how we’re going to change the world (but it depends on where you’re standing), the pioneers in our profession, and what it means […]


Ep 164 SoulCycle PT with Corinne Croce PT, DPT

Episode 164 Chaser In this episode, Jimmy find out what it’s like to be SoulCycle’s in-house PT in his interview with physical therapist Corinne Croce PT, DPT. While Corinne may go for cafe patron on a night out, she decides to stick to seltzer water on Monday nights. In the spirit of the interview, Jimmy sips […]