PT Clinic of the Week: Prime Performance and Physio


Congratulations to Prime Performance and Physio on being selected as the PT Pintcast Clinic of the Week. If you would like to nominate your clinic, fill out the form here. 

Why is your clinic the best?
Prime is a great clinic/company because we opt for quality, individualized patient care. Our business model is not based on how many folks we can jam into the clinic at once or how many we can see in a day. People need time, genuine attention, and a prepared and caring physical therapist.
What’s makes your clinic unique?
Prime is unique for many reasons: we provide 1-hour treatment sessions, for most sessions the patient and the physical therapist are the only individuals in the gym- allowing for complete comfort, an exclusive experience, and open access to any equipment necessary, all treatment is administered by DPTs, and our facility does not have a “treatment ceiling”, meaning we often see folks after their rehab in a strength/performance training capacity.
What’s cool about working at your clinic?
The coolest thing about working at Prime is that there is no pressure to see an excessive amount of patients, no pressure to bill a certain number of units, and time given to allow each PT to prepare for their visits- creating an efficient and individualized treatment session.
How many folks work at your clinic? How busy is your clinic?
Currently we have 2 full time PTs, two part-time PTs, and a practice manager. We have been very fortunate in the fact that many kind folks have allowed us to work with them. In fact, we have been open only 8 months and have just opened our second location.
What’s the area around your clinic like? What does the area have to offer? Social scene? Recreation?
Prime is located in Bozeman, Montana! God’s country! We have one ski hill located 20 minutes from town, the biggest ski hill in America is located 45 minutes from the shop, and we are roughly an hour from Yellowstone National Park. Bozeman is an active, rapidly growing college town.
Why should a patient come to your clinic?
Prime is a physical therapy facility that strives to be unlike any other out there. The facility is nothing like most medical offices, we give undivided and genuine attention to each patient, folks work with the same PT throughout their course of care, and we strive to put a fresh and effective spin on treatment and exercise! We are also excessively excited about our jobs and the folks we get to work with!
Why should someone work at your clinic?
At Prime, we encourage physical therapists to spend time with their patients. Due to the structure of the business, which keeps overhead very low, we do not push PTs to bill a certain number of units per visit, we do not place productivity over quality, and we have a dang good time doing it!
Best local beer:
Bozeman has many great breweries, but I fancy me a can of Olympia or Rainier
Tell us a little about yourself:
Billy McClenahan
[email protected]
About the person who nominated this clinic:
I am the owner of Prime Performance and Physio. After moving to Denver for PT school, Connecticut for a residency, and Washington for various work experiences, I returned to Bozeman to open Prime.

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